How does it work?

We're here as long as you need us.

When you sign up with Thread, you'll get 2 one-hour coaching sessions with the option to text your coach with quick questions. Your coach will give you worksheets and challenges to help you on your journey, #growth! Your conversations with your coach are confidential and you can cancel at anytime.

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What are you waiting for? You’re almost there. Find one of those hot yellow buttons on our site and give it a click! There is no commitment, you can breakup with us at anytime.

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Your dating coach uses the confidential self-assessment to understand you, your biggest challenges, and your short—and long-term goals.

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Do you hate back-and-forth emails? We do, too! Scheduling with your coach is easy. You can schedule both of your monthly calls at your convenience based on your coach's availability. We'll send you a calendar invite with a Google Meet link so you never miss a coaching session.

Take a breath

Studies show that deep inhales and slow exhales activate your parasympathetic nervous system, promoting a “rest and digest state” that facilitates learning and promotes mental clarity, creativity, and flexibility. #science!